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About Us

John Carew

The John Carew Swim School is a family run business with a rich history, that has been coaching generations of children since the early 1960’s. Ignited by his passion for the water and a keen interest in technique and timing, John Carew founded his own swim school to pass on his knowledge. He devoted his entire life to swimming and was recognised for it by the industry through the honour of coaching the Australian Swim Team at the Olympics on three separate occasions. His wife, Barbara and son, David, now carry on his beliefs at the swim school as they continue to inspire young minds for many generations to come.

About us

Barbara Carew

Although John Carew was the master coach,  Barbara Carew is the master teacher. 


The core activity of the swim school has always been teaching generations of children water safety and a life long enjoyment of water.  Barb has been front and centre in providing this service and quietly devoted her life to making generations of families safer around water.  She began swim instructing in 1972 when they had the lease to the Jindalee Olympic Pool.  She has now surpassed John in years of service in the industry and continues to teach young children to swim at our swim school (February 2023). 

"I am aware of small devout contingent of instructors that have achieved thirty to forty years of instructing.  Some may have continued in the industry in administration or education capacities 'out of the water' for a period after this. However I am not aware of anyone in Australia (maybe the world) who has taught 50 years and counting  'in the water'.  That is every year, every term for 50 years except a period during the 1974 floods and during the height of covid in 2021.

She is the unsung hero and pioneer of learn to swim in Australia."

David Carew



Clean Healthy Water and Facilities

At our facility we have two pools, a 20m lap pool with 5 lanes and a 8m pool used for our baby & toddler lessons. No matter what the temperature is outside, these pools are heated to 31 degrees Celsius all year around to create the perfect setting to relax and be comfortable. This water also makes its way through our advanced treatment system which combines ozone and UV to create an exceptionally soft water that is highly sanitized. This substantially reduces the risk of swimmers being exposed to harmful water born viruses and bacteria in our pools.  UV and ozone are also exceptionally good at breaking down and neutralising the unhealthy bi-products of chlorine sanitation.  In addition use micro filtration systems which filter water born particules up to 10 times smaller than conventional sand or glass filters.
We also try our hardest to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere outside of the pool with ample covered seating so you can watch your child in comfort.



At John Carew Swim School, we are a family run business and treat our staff as part of the family. We constantly strive to help our passionate instructors improve their knowledge and skills in the pool, and ensure they are all accredited through an AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia course. We also supply in-house training seminars to all of our swim team to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date with our policies and the industry standard. Most importantly, all of our staff see how essential learning this lifelong skill is and share the same patience and love of teaching that we do.



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John Carew Swim is a family business with a rich history that has been teaching and coaching generations of children since the early 1960’s.

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