Frequently Asked Questions
Our swim school accepts children aged 6 months and up. You can read more about our baby and toddler program here.
It is policy for all of our swimmers to use goggles and wear a cap in their lessons. If your child still wears nappies, we ask you to ensure that they are wearing a swim nappy in the water.
At our swim school we have a wide variety of lesson types, each with different costs. To find out what particular level suits your child and how much that will cost, feel free to message us or give us a call.
Yes, you can. However, this is subject to availability. Please contact us to confirm.
Let us know! If possible, call ahead 24 hours prior to your child’s lesson. This allows us to maintain an effective makeup lesson scheme.
We do provide makeup lessons, however we don’t provide refunds. If you and your child are unable to make to make to a lesson for whatever reason we will endeavour to find a time that suits you so your child can catch up on lost time. This benefit can be used up to 3 times each term.
A PDF copy of our schedule can be found in the forms section of the contact page.
Absolutely! No matter what the temperature is outside, our pool water is heated to 31 degrees Celsius all year around to create the perfect setting to relax and be comfortable in the water.
Learning to swim is journey that is difficult to put a time frame on. Every child is different and is treated as such in our lessons with their own learning pace.
While initially an emphasis is put upon water safety, at our swim school we believe a greater focus can be put upon technique when they have less to think about through the use of swimming aids.
All of our instructors are equipped to deal with a crying child whether it be due to their fear of the water or separation anxiety. From past experience we have found the most effective way for you to reduce the chance of this happening is to routinely come to lessons and not to prolong the act of parting with your child.
No one knows your child progression better than their instructor. The best chance to speak to them is at the end of your child’s lesson where they have allocated a few minutes to provide feedback. If you have any other issues, feel free to speak to any other member of our staff.
Of course! Our pool is heated to 31 degrees Celsius all year round. A warm child is much more likely to be relaxed and happy, therefore more likely to learn.
We take pride in our advanced water treatment system which combines ozone and UV to create an exceptionally soft water that is highly sanitized. This substantially reduces the risk of being exposed to harmful water born viruses and bacteria is our pools.
To protect others, we ask anyone with diarrhea not to enter our pools until a week after all symptoms have cleared.
Progression to mini squad is allowed when they are deemed proficient at all four strokes. Once their instructor believes they are at this point, your child will be referred to a coach who will conduct an assessment.
All of our instructors are certified through either an AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia course. We also require our staff to attend in-house training seminars to ensure their knowledge is up to date with our policies and the industry standard.

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